An Affordable Dental Option That’ll Make You Smile

Did You Know ?

It only costs about $1 a day to help protect yourself from dental bills.

Selecting insurance options with confidence!

Are substantial dental expenses preventing you from visiting the dentist?
Rest assured; you are not alone in this concern. We are well aware of the high costs associated with dental procedures. Throughout the years, we have assisted hundreds of thousands of Americans, individuals just like you, who are in need of affordable dental insurance to access the care they rightfully deserve.

Our commitment to supporting them has never wavered. Listening attentively, addressing their queries, and empowering them with the necessary guidance to make informed decisions about their insurance needs. You can confidently rely on us to stand by your side, enabling you to look ahead with assurance towards comprehensive dental coverage and a bright smile.

These benefits help keep our customers smiling.

  • Helps cover over 350 procedures.
  • Choose any dentist.
  • No deductible-may be available.
  • Annual maximum or no annual maximum on cash benefits may be available.
  • Number of claims won’t raise your rates-may be available.
  • Discounted rates available.
  • Opportunity to save a national average of 36% on covered services-may be available.

Benefits for You

  •  Everyone who applies is automatically accepted.
  • You can use the plan as many times as you need it.
  • Your membership can include family members.
  • You can cancel at any time during the membership period


Benefits for You

What's Included

Save more money

Save more money by choosing a participating dental provider in the Ameritas network. There are over 500,000 locations and you can save a national average of 36%(2) on covered services.

Our Assistance

You can experience a sense of relief with our assistance. Utilizing our insurance is simple and budget-friendly.

No Deductibles

There’s no deductible to meet before we pay benefits, which can help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Can’t be turned down

You are preapproved for one of these insurance policies, even if you have current dental problems. Plus, there is no age limit, so the coverage can be yours for a lifetime!

Guaranteed Rates

The inexpensive price you pay today is locked in for three years; and it cannot go up because of how many claims you file or if your dental health changes.

Discounted premium rates

Simply sign up to have payments taken automatically from your bank account and receive $1.00 off your premiums every month — that’s $12.00 a year

You Receive benefits right away

Preventive care benefits can be paid starting on day one, so, you can use your insurance as soon as it’s effective. You can collect benefits for basic care after three months and benefits for major care after 12 months.

No annual or lifetime maximum amount

There’s no annual or lifetime maximum on how much money you can collect ... so there are no worries about receiving benefits year after year.

Now You can choose your dentist

You can go to any dentist you wish and the benefits paid to you won’t change. If you do choose to use a dentist in our network of 500,000 provider locations, you can save a national average of 36%* on covered services.

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Useful Information

1 Based on Economy Plus option for an individual.

2 National averages are subject to change, January 2020. This insurance does not pay more than the amount due.

3 Your premium may change at age 50, subject to the three-year rate guarantee.